Mabes ABRI, No.45 RT 003/RW 006 Pondok Ranggon, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia

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Monday to Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Weekend: 10AM - 3PM

We are Designers Writers Marketers Developers Programmers

Grown up in digital world to bring one-stop solution & assure you business is highly attuned to the heart of audience.

Meet Us!

Meet Us!

Look Digital Partner

Look digital partner is a digital marketing service provider from Indonesia. We are a dynamic team of people who come from various backgrounds. We are Writers, Marketers, Business Developers, Programmers who are experts in our respective fields, enjoy our work, and love the challenges that arise from the industry our clients come from. We perceive that by leveraging your business, we are able to leverage our brand.

Through the expertise in website development, SEO, digital ads, marketing, and social media development, we are ready to help you find the breakthrough, unlock the market’s mind and bring your business marketing to the next level.

We plan, design, and create a functional and responsive website that is customised for your business to assist your online presence and drive results to engage a wide set of audience.

Our team helps you grow your audience by integrating online marketing strategies through social media and reaching your potential clients.

We provide you a special methodology with full branding-marketing strategic planning built from scratch to help you increase online visibility, traffic, and brand awareness.


We help you to increase your organic (non-paid) website traffic to assist the consistency of your traffic flow.

Our Team

We’re a versatile and dynamic team. We enjoy what we do and offer you a high quality conceptual execution.

Muhamad Fahreza Harvian

Web Developer

Aldi Razzaqi

Graphic Designer

Nur Azizah Pulungan

Content Writer

Asfa Asfia

Project Manager