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Social Media or Website

Social Media vs Website: Which is Best for Starting a Home Business?

When planning to build a home business, you will think of using social media platforms that are used for marketing. Approximately 300 thousand MSMEs have now switched to using digital platforms. In addition, many people prefer to shop using online media than offline media.

If you’re not convinced by the magic of social media, there’s also another platform you can use when building a home business, namely a website. On the other hand, a website can indeed make your business look more professional, but on the other hand, you may not be so sure about using a website.

So, which is the best platform for starting a home business? What is social media? Or websites? Want to know which platform is the best? Let’s take a deeper look!

Building a Business With Social Media

In today’s era, social media is not only used to build social networks. But now, that function has expanded widely, such as for media in business. It’s not uncommon for business accounts to be scattered on Instagram or Facebook feeds. If so, what makes business people interested in making social media their business platform? here is the reason:

  1. Free – You just need to create an account that is ready to use. No need to pay, unless you want to advertise your product.
  2. Easy to use – It doesn’t take much time to learn this platform. Starting from creating an account to creating content.
  3. Easy Management – You don’t have to bother paying for platform maintenance. Simply update the application regularly after receiving a notification from the system.
  4. Feedback from Prospective Consumers – Interacting with potential customers on social media is very easy. You can immediately see and answer their comments in the comments column or through direct messages.
  5. Broad Reach – By using hashtags, your content can reach a very wide market.

There are so many benefits that come from this social media platform. No wonder 54% of MSMEs use social media as a marketing medium in their business. Besides the advantages of social media platforms, some weaknesses need to be known, including:

  1. Limited Platform Design – You cannot change the appearance of your account at will. The solution is to adapt your content design to the character of your business.
  2. Inflexible Platform Functions – You can only use this platform to attract potential customers via content. There is no other option than building an email list.
  3. Restricted Controls – Anyone is free to comment on your posts. So you can not control the comments that appear in your account.

Problems like this can be solved on the website. Because you are free to choose the comments that appear on the website. For the sake of branding, you can display positive comments on the testimonials page. In addition, the website can also provide flexible space to display the character of the business. Examples can be seen on the main page of the website.

Home Page of

On the main page, they can put a design that matches the character of the brand. Starting from the color, logo, to the website background. Not only that, but the function of the website is also extensive. They can use it to introduce their business, display product listings, offer available packages, and create order forms. Everything is available on one platform.

Well, these are the things you won’t get on social media.

Now you know that a website has many benefits that are worth considering. However, a website is a more appropriate choice for starting a home business? Let’s learn more!

Building a Business with a Website

For ordinary business people, the website may sound complicated. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that discourage businesspeople from creating websites. The benefits offered by the website cannot be underestimated. To be ready to adapt to the online world, a business needs to have a website.

So what are the benefits of having a website? here are some of the benefits:

  1. Helping Branding Activities – You can build a positive image for your business. You do this by introducing your business values through the “About Us” page or through the articles you post on your blog.
  2. Support Marketing Activities – You can do promotions in many places, from the slider on the main page, to the product page.
  3. Free Design – You can customize your website design according to your business style. Just as shown on the example of the Duha Wisata Travel website.
  4. Broad Platform Functions – You can use the website for many things, such as displaying product catalogs, creating blog articles, or announcing promotional info.
  5. Appear in Search Engines – To appear on Google search pages, of course, your business must have a website, right?

In addition, the website also has several weaknesses, including:

  1. Not Free – To create a website, you need hosting and a domain. Both cost money.
  2. Everything is done by yourself – From choosing the design, and managing the content, to updating themes and plugins, you’re in charge of everything. This includes website security and speed.
  3. It’s worth learning – Since it’s not as easy to use as social media, you need to take the time to learn how to use it with patience.

Now we know the advantages and disadvantages of social media platforms and websites. It’s time to determine which one is the best to start your business!!

Here is a summary.

Social media has the advantages of being free, easy to use, and simple to use. Meanwhile, the advantages of the website are that it is free to adjust the design, has wide platform functions, and easily appears on the search page.

So which is the best platform to use in building your home business? The answer is Both! Yes, the best option is to use both, to cover each other’s shortcomings. You can start by searching for potential customers through social media, and you can direct them to the website to make a purchase.

If you have difficulty running a social media platform or website, you can consult with “Look Digital Partner“. We will be happy to assist you.

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